Why Muslim couples should go for Umrah as honeymoon?
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Why should Muslim couples go for Umrah on their honeymoon?

What is Umrah?

Umrah is a holy trip Muslims take to offer their devotion to Allah. The pilgrimage around the Holy Kabah in Makkah is to seek Allah’s blessings. 

Why do Muslim couples choose Umrah as a honeymoon trip?

Unlike Hajj, Muslims can perform Umrah at any time of the year. It is a growing trend for Muslim couples to go for Umrah as a honeymoon vacation. That is why many Hajj and Umrah tour operators offer exclusive Umrah packages for couples.  

A Fantastic Beginning of Your New Life: –

Marriage is one of the most sacred institutions in Islam, and marriage is the basic foundation of an Islamic society. That is why Islam encourages Muslim men and women to get married and increase their lineage. 

Going on a honeymoon is an excellent idea for newlywed couples, and they can break from their daily routine and get to know each other well. What could be a better start than a trip to Umrah of their married life? Entering into a new phase of life can be difficult for both men and women, and choosing Umrah as a honeymoon trip can ease anxiety and discomfort. Engaging in prayer and worship can build affection, love, and respect for both spouses. 

Strengthen your relationship with the blessings of Umrah: –

Marriage holds great value in Islam, and it is an act that significantly pleases Allah. On the other hand, Shaytaan tries his best to break the relationship. The best way to strengthen your marital relationship is to always remember Allah and seek his refuge from evil. Going for Umrah as a honeymoon is an ideal way to seek Allah’s blessings. When the couple engages in prayer and worship, Allah grants them each other’s staunch support and love for their whole life. Allah brings them abundance in health, wealth, relationship, and offspring. They are likely to lead a blissful life. 

An excellent opportunity to understand each other: –

Travelling with a person is the best way to know him. Performing Umrah as a honeymoon lets the couple know each other well. They can learn about each other’s likes, dislikes, habits, and general behaviour. They can share their feelings, apprehensions, and perspectives about different things in life. They can break free from mundane worldly affairs and engage in spiritual conversation to enlighten their souls. 

The initial phase is very crucial for a lasting marriage. Spending this time at the most peaceful and holy place on Earth brings blessings to life ahead. The couple may engage healthy discussions such as how to lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam. They can set rules and boundaries regarding the upbringing of their children and settle any dispute amongst themselves. They can utilize this time for a better understanding of Islam. These are some life-long benefits of choosing Umrah as a honeymoon trip.

A spiritual journey to re-energize your soul for a beautiful married life: –

Going for Umrah is one of the most effective ways to become close to Allah. When a person visits the house of Allah and worships Him with utmost humility, Allah showers his blessings upon the person. Umrah is a beautiful way to disconnect from the world and seek solace in Allah’s worship. When two people vow to spend their lives together, leaving behind their previous lifestyle, they encounter many hardships and difficulties. Umrah makes a person spiritually strong and guided to bear all the problems with patience and cooperation. Allah forgives previous sins and lets a person take a fresh start in life after Umrah. Making the most out of the opportunity, you must pray for the prosperity of your new journey. Therefore, going for Umrah as a honeymoon is a beautiful way to cleanse your soul of evil and start married life with a clear mind. 

Make Beautiful Lifetime Memories: –

The early days of marriage are the most precious ones. People tend to remember them for the rest of their lives. These days become even more memorable when you spend them in the holy Makkah. You may come across righteous people during your Umrah journey. Making friends and being in the good company helps people stay on the Guided Path.

One of the best feelings ever is praying together with your spouse. Fasting, worshipping, and visiting holy places around Makkah are some of the experiences that will let you make the fondest memories. You may visit holy mosques and historical sites such as Cave Hira, Mount Uhud, Arafat, and many others. You would have many stories and anecdotes to tell people when you return from Umrah. Later, when you have kids, they will also enjoy listening to your Umrah stories. By going for Umrah as a honeymoon trip, young couples set an excellent example for others to follow. 

Perform Umrah When You are Young and Energetic: –

Umrah is one of the most strenuous worships. It requires both physical and financial strength. It is ideal for people to perform Umrah when they are young. You have the power and ability to perform the worship to the fullest.

When you are young, you also enjoy the spirit even more than old age. Even Allah loves it when a young person engages in worship. A young person is full of worldly ambitions and objectives. If he spends his youth in the remembrance of Allah, intends to perform Umrah and worship Him, Allah blesses him with his bounties. 

As a couple bears children, their responsibilities and financial obligations increase with time. They get so busy with children’s education, raising them, and other duties that they forget about performing Umrah. That is why it is best to go for Umrah as a honeymoon when you do not have such responsibilities.

Even if you get a chance to perform Umrah with children, nothing compares with the experience of performing Umrah on a honeymoon trip. You can worship as and when you like. However, it is a different case with children as you have to be mindful of their strength, routine, and sleep. You have to be careful about their well-being too. 

Going for Umrah as a honeymoon is one of the best investments one could ever make that will reap benefits in both this world and hereafter. 

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