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Greenery in Arab

Greenery in Saudi Arabia  Recent discoveries such as elephant tusks indicate that the Arabian peninsula was far from being a desert in the past. It was covered with lush green vegetation and rivers, inhabiting various species of animals. These include hippos, elephants, crocodiles, and mollusks. More than 10,000 lakes once covered the barren Nafud desert. … Continue reading “Greenery in Arab-What Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Say?”

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Egyptians traditions

Muslims all over the world wait eagerly for the blissful month of Ramadan. Allah opens the doors of utmost mercy and forgiveness during this month. Many people save money all year round to book a Ramadan Umrah package. Umrah in Ramadan, especially in the last ten days of the month, has a surreal feel. The … Continue reading “Egyptian traditions and celebrations in the month of Ramadan”

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