Greenery in Arab-What Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Say?
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Greenery in Arab-What Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Say?

Greenery in Saudi Arabia 

Recent discoveries such as elephant tusks indicate that the Arabian peninsula was far from being a desert in the past. It was covered with lush green vegetation and rivers, inhabiting various species of animals. These include hippos, elephants, crocodiles, and mollusks. More than 10,000 lakes once covered the barren Nafud desert. Dramatic climatic changes over the past centuries turned the greenery in Arab into arid desert plains.

Saudi Green Initiative: –

Today, we can see that the greenery in Arab is making its way back. Frequent spells of rain in the Arabian peninsula have turned the barren valleys into lush green vegetation. The mountains are colored green today. The Saudi Arabia desert turning green is one of the greatest outcomes of climate change. Consequently, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman announced the Green Initiative program to protect the environment against climate change. The use of renewable resources of energy and moving towards a greener Arab are some of the key points of this program. A sustainable world with better air quality, freshwater supply, and a moderate world climate are some of the goals of this program.

Hadith about Greenery in Arab: –

What scientists discover today after studying tonnes of books and using highly sophisticated equipment, our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had told us 1400 years ago. According to a Sahih Muslim hadith: –

“The Last Hour will not come before wealth becomes abundant and overflowing, so much so that a man takes Zakat out of his property and cannot find anyone to accept it from him, and the land of Arab reverts to meadows and rivers.”

This hadith guide about Saudi Arabia that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) knew that the greenery in Arab existed in the pre-Islamic era. Also, he prophesized that the greenery will return to the peninsula, as it has today. The Saudi Green Initiative also confirms that more greenery shall become part of the land till meadows and rivers will become a common sight in the land. The country will become so much self-sufficient in water, that it will have to build dams to store the water. However, the plantation of 100 million mangroves confirms the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Saudi authorities have already planted more than 18 million trees and launched 17 new initiatives to add greenery in Arab.

Other signs of Judgement Day: –

Many signs of the Day of Judgement have started to show. The minor signs include an abundance of wealth and a lack of need for charity. Today, science and technology have led to an abundance of provisions and a high living standard for all. Other signs include outspread of vices such as adultery, alcohol, interest, mistrust, disrespect for parents, and the prevalence of music. The abundance of high-rise buildings is also a sign of Qayamah.

Frequent earthquakes, landslides, and geographical transformations such as greenery in Arab are also very common nowadays. This is also a sign of nearing the end of times. The Conquest of Constantinople will also occur before the final day. This happened when Ottoman ruler Sultan Mehmet-the Conqueror conquered Constantinople, renaming it Istanbul and putting an end to the 1000-year-old Roman Empire.

Most of the minor signs such as greenery in Arab have already started to show. The major signs, however, yet have to appear. These include the appearance of Dajjal. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) worried about his ummah and their protection from Dajjal. He advised Muslims to read Surah Kahf for protection against Dajjal.

The descent of Hazrat Isa (AS) shall also appear before the final hour. Allah took him while he was alive. He will appear again and unite all the Muslims, leading them to win the war against non-Muslims.

Yajuj Majuj, the mischievous creatures who have been chained behind a wall by Hazrat Zulqarnain shall come out of the wall before Qayamah. They will cause havoc around the world, destroying everything in sight. A huge smoke shall also occur before the Day of Judgement that will take months to extinguish. The sun will rise from the west and set in the east. These are some of the major signs that will appear one by one before the final hour.

Conclusion: –

The greenery in Arab and other signs is a reminder for us of the Day of resurrection when we will have to give an account for our deeds. Therefore we must try to engage in good and forbid the wrong and make the most out of this life for a prosperous eternal life in the Hereafter.


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