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The Right Age to Perform Umrah

Perform Umrah

An Umrah is simply the spiritual journey undertaken by a Muslim to the Holy Land. It is a laborious task and should not be underestimated. The question often raised is what is the ideal time to perform Umrah is a Muslim’s life in which he/she can make the most out of their journey? There truly is no specific age in which a Muslim should undertake this expedition, but it is generally preferred for a Muslim to visit the Holy Land in his/her youth only. Many seem to wonder that it might be difficult for young individuals to take out time from their hectic schedules with responsibilities, studies, and financial restraints; however, there are reasons why we have been told to do the most we can during our youth only.

Umrah for better future finances

Youth is the best time to perform Umrah if you plan on securing a bright, stable financial future. Youth is the time when a person is just starting to get on their feet by trying to build a sound career In order to run their future households. The sooner you embark on the journey of performing Umrah, the sooner you shall find financial stability.

Repentance and Dua

Us youths aspire for greatness and have many wishes in store to be fulfilled. Umrah is the ideal time to ask Allah what you desire because a pilgrim is considered the delegation of Allah and your wish will be granted. Simultaneously, Umrah is the perfect opportunity to seek forgiveness for your past shortcomings and make a fresh start. Youth is an excellent time to repent, revert and cleanse your soul.

The Umrah is more than just a spiritual journey as it demands good physical strength and what better an age to complete this voyage than during your youth when you have the stamina and energy to properly execute all the rituals of Umrah. Take advantage of your resources and serve the Almighty Allah for He is the most beneficent and the most merciful.

Life is uncertain –Plan your Umrah in your youth-years

Sadly, most of us plan years ahead into the future without realizing the unpredictability that comes with life. We set aside plans regarding our careers and studies without paying attention to the most important aspect of life which is to please the Almighty Allah. We might not live to see the next day so now is as good a time as any to do all that you can for your Aakhira.

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