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Performing the Fajr Prayer

Importance of Fajr prayer: –

Prayer is the second of the five pillars of Islam. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went on the journey to the Heavens, Allah gifted him the five obligatory prayers. Muslims are ordered to pray five times a day. These obligatory prayers are not to be missed no matter what. The first prayer of the day that is to be offered before the sunrise is the Fajr prayer.

Fajr prayer holds great significance in Islam. It is the foundation for the whole day. When you offer Fajr prayer you begin your day by answering the call from your Lord. You bow in front of Him and invoke to Him. This is the reason why early morning prayer holds so much significance. According to a hadith: –

“Whoever offers the two prayers (Asr and Fajr) will enter Paradise.

No doubt Fajr prayer is very special and close to Allah. Allah likes it when a believer wakes up from his sleep, performs ablution and prays to Him. There is a great reward for offering early morning prayer in congregation. Especially if it is followed by the remembrance of Allah till the time sun rises.

Benefits of Fajr prayer

Benefits of Fajr prayer: –

Fajr time is one of the most favorite times of the day of Allah. Worship at this time has immense rewards and benefits. Some of the major benefits are listed below.

  • Purifies one’s soul: –

When the whole world is in deep slumber and you have woken up to the call of prayer, this time has special serenity and purity. Your mind and soul is absolutely free from any worldly distractions. This is the best time to connect with your Creator. Indeed Fajr prayer cleanses your soul. It brings contentment and takes away greed and hunger for worldly desires.

  • Grants Allah’s support: –

Fajr is the time of breaking down. It is the time when the darkness of night turns brightness of day. Those who begin their day by answering the call of Allah need not worry about any matter. They have Allah’s dauntless support and guidance. No matter how difficult the circumstances may be, Allah will make you overcome if you pray early morning prayer regularly. Allah brings forth the person from the darkness of ignorance into the light of faith and prosperity.

  • Brings blessings in the house: –

The time of Fajr and Asar prayer is when Allah sends down His angels. Allah questions His angels about the condition of His slaves. When they answer that they found His slaves in the state of worship when they arrived and departed, Allah is most pleased. Such people are immensely blessed with Allah’s bounties of this world and hereafter. When you wake up early your whole day is energized and full of positive vibes. It helps you accomplish all your goals in life. It also leaves a great impact on your health.

  • Makes us punctual: –

Prayer makes a person punctual and responsible. It helps organize the whole day in such a way that prayers at different times are not missed. Especially the Fajr prayer makes a person realize how important it is to complete all your chores on time. When a person prays Fajr prayer regularly, he will make sure that he sleeps on time and wakes up early.

  • Protects against evil, Fajr Prayer: –

By offering Fajr prayer, a person enjoys special protection of Allah the Almighty. He is guarded against evil forces. He is protected from the devil. According to a narration, a person who offers early morning prayer shall be saved from the fire of Hell.

Offering Fajr prayer regularly is the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hence, all Muslims must vow to offer Fajr prayers regularly so as to benefit from its immense benefits in this world and hereafter.

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