Egypt Journey Will Be Amazing With These 8 Safety Gears
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Egypt Journey Will Be Amazing With These 8 Safety Gears

Egypt is one of the most impressive Islamic countries, having rich history and culture. Many people combine their Umrah in Saudi Arabia trip with Egypt journey for a memorable expedition. However, before you embark on your journey, ensure you have all the necessary tour safety equipment to protect against any potential hazards. Especially after covid, travelling can never be the same. You must go through the personal protective equipment list thoroughly to not land into trouble when you are on your Egypt journey.

Here is a list of essential safety gear and equipment for a hassle-free Egypt journey.

1. Face masks: –

Whether you opt for travelling through a tour company or on your own, a face mask is essential to tour safety equipment. Especially when you are on Egypt journey, you will visit places such as the pyramids of Giza, which are located in the desert. Face masks protect against dust and pollution.

2. Earplugs: –

For people who suffer from ear discomfort when flying, earplugs come in very handy. Also, during Egypt journey, you will travel long distances by road, which can cause ear discomfort. Hence make sure you add earplugs to your safety equipment list to avoid any kind of nuisance on your Egypt journey.

3. Goggles: –

The best safety equipment list cannot be complete without safety goggles. While you are hoping to get a glimpse of the glorious Egyptian history along the banks of the River Nile, the pyramids, and the Pharaohs, you may end up with eye infection or irritation. Sands blowing onto your face and eyes may cause grave problems. Hence goggles are a must when you take up the Egypt journey.

4. Safety shoes: –

However, one of the essential packing components often ignored is footwear. In Egypt, there is a lot to explore. Egypt is nature’s marvel, from scorching hot deserts to pristine blue water by the white sandy beaches. While it is famous for its historical appeal, Egypt has some fantastic high-rise shopping malls, cafes, and resorts. Therefore you need a different kind of footwear for other places. A pair of flip-flops would be great to explore the gorgeous beaches on your Egypt journey.

However, when visiting the pyramids and other monuments, make sure you wear safety boots that allow ventilation without sinking into the desert sand.

These shoes also help for hiking in the mountainous terrain in the region. Also, a smart-casual pair for wandering around in cities shall be a great addition to your luggage.

5. First-aid kit: –

Egypt tour can be very adventurous as well as dangerous. Night camping in the deserts, hiking, and doing water sports might sound exciting, but you must be prepared to face any unpleasant happenings.

Insect or animal bite, bruise, or any injury might occur. Muscle pain is a common problem when travelling, and hence, keep a first-aid kit in your tour safety equipment. Pain killers, bandages, gels, and important medications are essential for Egypt journey.

6. Travel backpack: –

Soaring temperatures in Egypt can make it very difficult to carry heavy loads. An innovative and handy travel backpack is ideal when visiting Egypt. A bag that can store stuff like a camera, mobile, water bottle, snacks, and other important things will be great to carry. Make sure you keep a small towel to keep yourself cool. Heatstroke is very common in the Egyptian deserts, and hence your safety equipment list must include things to keep yourself calm.

7. Cap: –

A hat or an extreme outdoor cap is essential when on an Egypt journey. It would be ideal for holding a good quality UV-resistant cap as the sun can be very harsh in Egypt. A Columbia hat shall also look very stylish for an Egypt tour.

8. Gloves: –

Travelling has been redefined after covid-19. Now people must add things they never thought of before to their safety equipment list. For example, gloves are also beneficial when travelling. Especially in popular tourist destinations like Egypt, where many people visit, gloves are very helpful in protecting against contaminants present on surfaces.

These were some essential personal protective equipment and their uses. Make sure you add these to your luggage when planning your Egypt journey.

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