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5 Secrets of Supplications to get Heard by Allah ﷻ

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Most of us find it really frustrating that we pray and pray but our dua’s are not answered by Allah. Whether we are asking something for ourselves or asking Allah to remove some harm out of the way – the dua’s don’t seem to work.

However, Allah is closer to us than even ourselves. He can hear us when we speak and even when we don’t. The Creator is aware of what we want and when we want it. But sometimes He doesn’t respond immediately to our supplications. What can be the reason for this?

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Read on to find out why sometimes our dua’s regardless of how hard we supplicated doesn’t get answered.

Are you sincere enough?

The most obvious reason can be that you are asking Allah for this and that but are you doing your part in return. Are you returning anything to Allah by praying regularly? Fasting consistently? Paying Zakat on time?

Punishment is not only for the life hereafter. It can also happen in this lifetime.

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You are not waiting for the right time?

You are asking something from Allah again and again but have you wondered that maybe this may not be the right time for this. Maybe Allah is making you wait for something better, something more fruitful. Just wait and see what Allah has in store for you!

You are asking for something evil?

Another reason Allah is not answering your supplications is that you might be asking for something that would commit you in sinful activity. Or maybe it would harm some other Muslims or their property?

Well, if you are asking for something bad then you now know why Allah is not answering your prayer.

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Final Note:

However, if you are not engaged in any sinful activity, asking for some sinful or forbidden action and/or are not lacking in your prayers then maybe Allah has something better planned for you.

According to a Hadith, no prayer of a Muslim remains unanswered. For any prayer that is received by Allah, He will:

Accept the prayer and give the Muslim what he asked for

A calamity, distress, or misfortune is removed from the person’s way instead

The supplication is saved as insurance for the life of Hereafter, Insha’Allah!

With these points in mind, let’s all remember what it takes to be closer to Allah and have our supplications dua’s answered in a way that brings contentment in our life. Aameen!

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