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ramadan practices

Ramadan-the Month Of Fasting: – Muslims await Ramadan all year round. They celebrate the holy month with utmost piety and sanctity. They engage in prayer and worship to earn Allah’s pleasure. In this month, Muslims around the globe tradition the Ramadan practices etched for centuries. Ramadan Practices around the world: – Ramadan is like a sabbatical … Continue reading “The diversity of Ramadan practices and traditions around the world”

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Itikaf Rules

What is Itikaf in Islam? Ramadan is around the corner, and Muslims have already started preparations to welcome the blissful month. Some people plan for the Ramadan umrah, which is a heavenly experience. There is a huge reward for performing Umrah in Ramadan. Suhoor, Iftar, tahajjud, zikr of Allah, and Itikaf are some bounties of … Continue reading “Complete Itikaf rules for men and women in Islam”

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