Role of Mother in Islam

Role of Mother in Islam

Role of Mother in Islam, Being a comprehensive religion on earth, the Uplifted Status of Women in Islam as compared to any other religion, especially in the role of mother in Islam. One of the finest experiences of a female’s life is, becoming a mother. However, this position is filled with lots of responsibilities and liabilities. A woman gets a significant and key stature when she comes in place of mother. As mothers enjoy a very dignified and valued role in our religion that is why their contribution is applauded and acknowledged. Quran bears the witness in Surah Luqman verse 14 and 15:

Surah Luqman 31 14

Surah Luqman 31 15

Role of Mother in Islam

mother in islam

Respect for Mothers

Islam commands obedience, respect, and kindness towards parents in general and specifically gives preference to the mother. The status of parents in Islam can be realized from the following verses of Surah Nissa:

Allah SWT has put mothers before fathers due to the pain she bore and hardships she suffers during pregnancy and after the delivery process. These tribulations are unavoidable as a baby cannot be born without it. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH gave more rights to mothers than anyone else. He PBUH stated.

“Behave well and serve your mother well, then your mother, and then your mother, then your father, and then your close relations and those who come after them.” –Mazhari

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Responsibility of Mother

Responsibility of a Mother

The secret behind the importance of mothers lies in the immense responsibility and burden placed on her. She has to go through a lot of difficulties which even the man didn’t bear. However, the liability does not end at giving birth rather it open the door to bigger liability. She has to nourish and bring up the child under the shade of the teaching of Islam. This is a primary duty of a Muslim mother. She has to influence her offspring to act by the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.  She is the first institution for her children and has the long-lasting impact on her kids. She must inculcate the love of Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad PBUH from early childhood.

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Tips for Mothers

The gentleness, love, patience, and care of mother make it all easier for the children to absorb the divine knowledge of Islam. Also, the practical application of Mother’s Islamic activities helps lead her children on the path of Allah. So if you wish your children to be practicing Muslims, then you have to become a practicing mother in front of them. Some tips for Muslim mothers are as follows, which can help to groom children in Islamic way:

Recite the Quran in front of kids and make it a constant habit.

Offer Salah when your children are around.

Do not be too strict or harsh with your kids as it causes them to be rebellious.

Calm yourself when your children show disobedience. Correct them patiently.

Always allow some room for blunders and mistakes.


Mother greatly influences a child as compared to the father. Therefore, every mother must be aware of the critical role she is supposed to play in nurturing kids. Want to give your mother the best? Send her to Umrah in December from the most exclusive package of

Role of Mother in Islam
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Role of Mother in Islam
Role of Mother in Islam, Being a comprehensive religion on earth, Islam has empowered the woman with greatest ranks as compared to any other religion.
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