Rights of the Muslim Wife in Islam

Rights of the Muslim Wife in Islam

Muslim Wife in Islam

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ states, “The most perfect of believers in belief is the best of them in character, and the best of you are those who are the best to women.”

Islam is a religion that promotes kindness and peace in all aspects of life. The relationship between a husband and a wife is a very near and dear one. Each partner must show respect and consideration towards each other, no matter how despair the circumstance may be.

Let’s take a look at the rights of the Muslim wife in Islam.

Patience and forgiveness must be exercised

In situations of distress, husbands must not immediately resort to divorce as the ultimate solution for disagreements. Situations must be dealt with patience and forgiveness. Even if the matter reaches the midst of a divorce, it is commanded by ALLAH for the husband to treat the wife with honor and released with kindness.

Protection of honor

It is commanded by ALLAH that the husband must protect the honor of his wife at all times. The husband must not place her in circumstances where the wife’s honor is compromised or degraded.

Jealousy should be avoided

Excessive jealousy will do no good in any relationship. For this reason, ALLAH has commanded all husbands to stay away from being jealous in matters relating to wives.

rights of wife over husband in islam

No excessive burden should be placed

If the wife wishes to share in earnings for the household, then her burden should either be lightened or distributed with the husband. The husband should share her duties or hire external help such as maids for care taking and cooking. If the wife wishes to work outside the household as well as manage responsibilities at home, she can at her will. Husbands should view this as a gift from their wives.

Sincerity and trust

To have firm belief and trust in your partner is vital for a long Relationship. In Islam, husbands must work with sincerity to gain and maintain the trust of their wives. Any actions pertaining to the wife must be personally consulted and dealt with the wife’s conscience. This also includes keeping the couple’s and household’s secrets private.

Compassion should be exercised

In the context of sexual intercourse, husbands must act in compassion with their wife. The husband must control his passions and behave with modesty at all times.

Due respect and attention must be given

Every husband must respect his wife and give her the attention she requires. This includes caring for all her needs. The wife’s thoughts and feelings should always be regarded in all situations. Only then can he expect her to give him the same respect and attention.

islamic way of making love to your husband

Promises made should be fulfilled

It is ordained that the husband should fulfill the promises made to his wife at the time of marriage. In Islam, this is the first and worthiest term of marriage to be fulfilled by a husband.

These are some of the basic rights every Muslim wife possesses in Islam. It is the utmost duty of all husbands to act in the best of manners towards their wives. It is ordained that one of the biggest responsibilities that a husband has is relating to the treatment of his wife. All actions portrayed must be done so with the purest intentions, only then can a similar behavior be expected in return.

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