Top Secrets of Happy Life in Islam

Top Secrets of Happy Life in Islam

Top Secrets of Happy Life in Islam, Everyone needs a happy life. We all contain hopes, thoughts, and aspiration and the majority of these are interlinked with the chase of pleasure. We just do the things we do in life because we in the end desire to be happy.

The following are some Top Secrets of Happy Life in Islam that I make every effort to go after to take pleasure in my life. I pray this reimbursement us all and that Allah increases us in understanding and barakah. Ameen

Secrets of Happy Life in Islam

Happy Life

Following are some top secrets of happy life in Islam.

Have High-quality Intentions

Secrets of the happy life in Islam, Begin your day with High-quality intentions. What you perform, perform it for the sake of Allah single-handedly, not for the community, not for others except for yourself and Allah. Honesty must be the foundation stone of the whole thing we perform. Do your best to have a spotless, unadulterated and genuine heart. Furthermore, renovate your intentions if you have to but keep in mind that honesty is a key for any action/act we may take out. The 1st point from the Secrets of Happy Life in Islam.

“Verily, actions are judged by intentions” – inna mal aamalu binniyaat. (Bukhari & Muslim)

Have Tolerance and Gratefulness

The significance of this can’t be emphasized sufficiently. Existence will throw a lot of obstacles and hurdles at us and if we do not have tolerance we will not be capable of conquering life’s challenges. Work to construct on your tolerance and you will see that whatsoever trials and tests you have, you will conquer them with Allah’s authorization and then become stronger and flexible.

Have Tolerance and Gratefulness

Furthermore, Allah has known us so a lot of blessings so study to be grateful for them and be grateful for the whole thing you have. Vigorously and deliberately working thankfulness in Islam is the key to a life of peace, satisfaction, and pleasure. In adding, engage in dhikr and adhkar as regularly as you can and mainly highly express thanks to the community. Try to be grateful for the small stuff that people perform for you. We have a lot of blessings from spotless water, foodstuff on our desk, good fitness and a covering roof over our top.

“If you give thanks, I will give you more of My Blessings” (Qur’an 14:5-


“He who does not thank the people does not thank Allah.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

Give Donations According To Your Capacity

For a happy life, One of the mainly adored performances to Allah is to offer donations. Tiny or huge, provide as much as you can and of the path, s must be according to your aptitude. Charitable donations are an extremely satisfying action and will in twist advantage you, most absolutely help others and boost your nourishment. It is extremely worthwhile and not just will you discover the plunder in this life, you will also find the prize in the after this Insha Allah. Bountiful can be in a lot of forms such as contribution your time, serving others and also in monetary conditions too.

“Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.” (Qur’an, 2:274)

Be Present For Your Parents

Our parents are a huge approval for us and they are our entry to the Jannah. They have sacrificed so a great deal for us and we require serving, behind and helping them. Their pleasure is our cheerfulness so be there for them and forever be in their tune. Responsibility small chores such as shopping, taking your parents out, contribution a helpful take on or just serving out at the house can denote a lot to them.

“O Lord, have mercy upon them as they had mercy upon me when I was small.” (Qur’an 17:24)

Understand, Understand writing and Read Some More

The first word exposed to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was Iqra (read). This demonstrates the significance of reading. Reading is a remarkable way of knowledge and also calming. It can help encourage your mind, help you expand your dictionary, get better your focus and attentiveness and most significantly you will increase huge information. I have integrated a list of additional reading titles at the end that has benefited me extremely and empower me a huge contract so please do have a look. Keep in mind information is power!

Take a trip and Discover More

The earth is in truth a large place and there is always so much to observe. If you can, try to break seats of the past and beautiful locations and you will find out the accurate attractiveness of Allah’s formation. Travelling will educate you so much; it will broaden your horizons, get bigger your experience and help you be grateful for life more. Anywhere you are, you will be capable to find gorgeous places around you so make sure you get out-of-doors, visit these places and be grateful for this all.

“Travel through the land so that their hearts may learn wisdom.” (Al-Quran)

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Visit the Unwell & Alone

Visiting the unwell is an extremely satisfying task. It is also a responsibility for us to appointment the unwell and in information one of the rights of the Muslim. When your appointment a unwell being you will be able to give them with emotional and individual hold up. Your friendship will also make them feel cheerful and it will assist you to understand and also repeat you just how lucky you are with your superior fitness. Befriend somebody who may be in need of friendship or just alone is also a really inspiring thing to perform. The Prophet ﷺ said,

“He, who visits his brother in Faith, will remain engaged in picking the fresh fruits from the garden of Jannah till he returns.” (Muslim)

Be Energetic and Obtain Concerned

Allah has given us many skills and an extensive collection of information that we can use for the better good of humankind. Whether it is

through writing, talking or even doing something helpful. Everybody is only one of its kinds and truthfully talented and has something to add to the Ummah and we must all give confidence each other to be the most excellent we can be. Believe in yourself and channel your skills and information for the betterment of the world.

“The best of people are those that bring the most benefit to the rest of mankind.” (Daraqutni, Hasan)

Be it sports education; gymnasium, Islamic knowledge lessons or additional activities make in no doubt you do anything works for you. End to maintain yourself involved in some form of usual action in your week as it will assist to stay you energetic, fit and reduce your risk of any future physical problems. Look after of your fitness and Insha Allah your body will take care of you.

Give Unpaid Services In Your Region of Interest.

Give Unpaid Services In Your Region of Interest.

Get concerned and give unpaid services in the region of your interest. You can give unpaid services in your limited group of people, Muslim youth work, homeless places, soup kitchens, your near mosque, dawah stalls etc. There are a lot of places you can assist and the register is never-ending. Any association will be happy to take on an additional pair of hands. Throughout your unpaid services you will increase key transportable skills which you can use in the future, obtain so much self-righteousness and who knows it might unlock new opportunities for you.

Faith in Allah & Priorities Your Prayers

Centre your existence on doing things for the sake of Allah and in pleasant Him. Have trust in Allah and believe in Him. Work hard, play your part and leave the rest to Allah. Make sure you exit your life but also think long-term, do sadaqah jariyah projects and also think about send-off a helpful and permanent inheritance. Remember Allah gave us Islam to take peace to our lives so place your faith in Him. Allah says:

“Call on me and I will answer.” (Qur’an 40:60)

And as well as we all recognize salah is one of the most significant pillars of our belief. This is the first substance we will be detained answerable for on the Day of Judgment. Try your extremely greatest to offer your five every day salah on time and stay it consistent. You will discover that through offering prayers you will discover peace, comfort, and easiness.

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” (Qur’an 13.28)

Spend Excellence Time with Relatives and Friends

Relatives and friends play an essential role in our lives and we would be misplaced without them. Spend superiority time mutually, talk at all times and forever be respectful, sympathetic and broadminded of each other. A high-quality relative is the base of civilization so do your greatest best to uphold good ties and relations with your relatives, friends, and relatives as this is very important in Islam.

“Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day let him maintain the bonds of kinship.” (Bukhari)

Our friends are the very people we split things with, they are who we converse regularly, and we practice a large part of our life with them. This is fundamentally why the Prophet ﷺ said:

“A person is on the religion of his companions. Therefore let every one of you carefully consider the company he keeps.” (Tirmidhi)

So make sure your friendship is dependable, helpful, charitable and obliging. Just keep in mind we are people of excellence and matter and must forever do your best to include the most excellent of the most excellent Insha Allah.

Supervise Your Time Efficiently

For a Happy life, Time is one of our mainly significant merchandise and once it is left we will not obtain it back.

We should so appreciate the significance of our time, organize our actions accordingly, priorities our areas of significance and keep an equilibrium in our life. The Prophet ﷺ used to utilize his time cautiously, he was creative with his time and he had the correct equilibrium between love, relations and in all his other relationships. We must work hard to supervise our time healthy and try to be imaginative and well-organized in the whole thing we do as expenditure is unpopular in Islam.

“By the time, indeed mankind is in the loss, except for those who believe, do righteous deeds and advise each other to truth and patience.” (Qur’an 103: 1-3)

Further Reading For Happy Life

– The Productive Muslim, Where Faith Meets Productivity by Mohammed Faris
– Purification of the Heart by Hamza Yusuf

– The Alchemy of Happiness by Imam Al Ghazali

– Patience and Gratitude by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

– Riyad-us-Saliheen compiled by Imam a Nawawi

– The Travels of Ibn Battutah by Tim Mackintosh-Smith

– Enjoy your Life by Dr. Al Arifi

– Don’t Be Sad by Dr. A’id Al-Qarni

Top Secrets of Happy Life in Islam
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Top Secrets of Happy Life in Islam
Top Secrets of Happy Life in Islam, Everyone needs a happy life. We all contain hopes, thoughts, and aspiration and the majority of these are interlinked.
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