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Being the illustrious and glorious travel agency of North America, I Link Tours Company is here to serve you best in your spiritual tourism. This organization is celebrated for yielding commendable Airline Ticketing Services nationwide and worldwide. We are proud to be affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, Saudi Airlines, and ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents).

Our team of skilled and adept tour specialists is experienced with the ticket booking events of assorted airlines. These efficient and skilled tour operators book tickets beforehand and on coveted dates. Moreover, we take care of you and your budget while devising ticket arrangements.

Even though, you may buy your ticket for traveling day, but we encourage that you get it done with advanced travel reservations to save your time and cash. We are focused on providing great flight expedition to make it your most comfort and delightful experience.

I Link Tours serve in the best possible way and make flight appointments to your preferred destination in cheaper rates and at shortest possible time span.

Market Perspective:

Setting prices depend on a number of factors-one of which is the cost. Doing precise accounting of all the costs involved in the package is essential. We take a few elements into account while setting prices for our worthy customers. Some of them are discussed as follows:

Ticket Estimates:

A briefly written estimate will be provided to the customers to make them aware of the endowed services along with their charges. We care for you and your budget that is why Umrah Tickets are provided with the most reasonable estimate reflecting charges with services so that you may easily understand and agree upon.


We offer custom, original, and unique products of services for our clients. The charges of ticketing services command reasonable prices depending upon the level of luxury. The products or services which are limited have higher charges as compared to those which are readily available. We present these deals in VIP or platinum Umrah Tickets.

Airline Reservations:

Being an expert and reliable source, we are affiliated to top Airline services of North America and KSA to cater your travel needs. Since our travel agency has the most undeviating and trustworthy track record, our Umrah services tend to have more patronage than other agencies.


Our Umrah fares are adjusted considering the fluctuating rate of foreign exchange. That is done to anticipate the rising costs with regard to setting prices. In this way, frequent price changes will not be required.

Reissuance and Revalidation of Tickets:

Flight plan could be modified by passengers due to a number of reasons such as:

  • Seasonal requests
  • New courses or routes
  • Adjustments in operating time or flight
  • Flights that do not run anymore

For accommodating a client on another flight, the first ticketed service class must be accessible for the new demanded flight(s). In the case, if the first ticketed service class is not procurable for the new demanded flight(s), the difference in fare must be involved.

Kindly take note that most schedule changes happen 7 days before travel and are liable to Airline policy. Need more details and information? Visit our office, or fill out the form and our Customer Support will contact you. You can also inquire at: 1+201-366-1155

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