The Power of Forgiveness in the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)
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The Power of Forgiveness in the Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

The Beautiful Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) in the Holy Quran:-

Allah tests us through pains, difficulties, family problems, and financial woes. However, he guides us on how to overcome all these problems in the light of Islam through the Holy Quran. The Quran is full of inspirational stories to motivate Muslims to fight tough situations. As an illustration, the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) has wonderful lessons for life.

Hazrat Yusuf (AS) was the beloved son of Hazrat Yaqoob (AS). He and Hazrat Binyamin were from the same mother whereas he had ten other step-brothers as well. Hazrat Yaqub (AS) loved Hazrat Yusuf (AS) so much that his step-brothers were envious of him. One day they decided to do away with Prophet Yusuf (AS). They sought permission from their father to take little Yusuf with them to play. Hazrat Yaqub (AS) felt suspicious and resisted. However, his sons convinced him to allow them to take young Yusuf along.

The next day as they reached a place distant from their home, they saw a well nearby. They treacherously pushed Prophet Yusuf (AS) into the well. He cried and begged for mercy. However, his brothers paid no heed and left young Yusuf without food and water in the well. They slaughtered a goat and covered Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) shirt with its blood.

They returned home, wailing to their father that a wolf ate Yusuf (AS), and they failed to protect their younger brother. Hazrat Yaqub (AS) did not believe his sons and believed in his heart that Yusuf is alive. He prayed to Allah earnestly to bring his beloved son back to him. He cried so much that he lost his eyesight.

The story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) might seem to be over at this point, however, Allah is the best planner of all. A caravan stopped by the well to get some water as it was on its way to Egypt. The people were startled to see such a beautiful boy clinging to the rope. The people took Hazrat Yusuf (AS) to Egypt where a treasurer, AL-Aziz bought him. Even today, when people go on an Egypt tour, they wish to see the place where Prophet Yusuf (AS) lived.

Hazrat Yusuf (AS) grew up in the treasurer’s house and into a handsome young man with exceptional knowledge and wisdom. However, his strikingly good looks landed him into another trial. The treasurer’s wife, Zulekha became obsessed with Hazrat Yusuf (AS). She threatened him that if he did not accede to her wishes, she would taint his character and get him punished. When Prophet Yusuf (AS) refused to fulfill her wishes, she maligned Prophet Yusuf (AS). The treasurer imprisoned Hazrat Yusuf (AS).

Prophet Yusuf (AS) spent several years in jail with patience and perseverance. Allah blessed him with a unique ability to interpret dreams. He correctly interpreted the dreams of two of his inmates. One faced a death sentence, while the other received pardon. Hazrat Yusuf (AS) asked the man to mention him in front of his master when gets out of prison. His master was the king of Egypt.

Hence came the turning point in the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS). The King of Egypt saw a peculiar dream. That reminded the inmate of Prophet Yusuf (AS). The king ordered bringing Prophet Yusuf (AS) into his presence. However, Prophet Yusuf (AS) asserted that he would not leave the prison until they declare him innocent. Thus the king tried his case again and the women spoke of Hazrat Yusuf’s (AS) innocence. The King released him from prison and appointed him to manage food provisions across his kingdom. For seven years there was great fertility. Then came the seven years of famine. The crops during the fertility period were stored to be used during the famine period.

When the brother of Hazrat Yusuf (AS) learned about food distribution by the king of Egypt, they reached to get their share as everyone suffered gravely during the famine. Prophet Yusuf (AS) recognized his brothers. He enquired them about their home, to which they replied that they have a younger brother and elderly father back in Canan. Hazrat Yusuf (AS) asked them to bring them next time when they come for food supplies. When they brought Hazrat Binyamin (AS) Hazrat Yusuf (AS) whispered into his ear that he was his brother, Yusuf.

The story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) progressed as he revealed his identity to his brothers. They were shocked and utterly embarrassed in front of their younger brother, Yusuf. He called for his father Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) whose eyesight returned by the grace of Allah. Thus Allah narrates the whole story eloquently in the Holy Quran.

Lessons of patience and forgiveness from the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS):-

This story has many lessons for believers. Firstly, one should never feel despair or hopeless in front of problems. Allah tested Hazrat Yusuf (AS) since he was a little boy. His brothers betrayed him and left him alone. But Allah did not leave him. He is the one who protects and ends all the calamities.

Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) and Hazrat Yusuf (AS) both went through great suffering. However, not once did they frown or mourn. Rather, they waited patiently and pleaded to Allah. Allah granted them bliss. He listened to their prayers.

The most important lesson from the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) is forgiveness. Prophet Yusuf’s (AS) brothers treated him very unjustly. However, when they repented and asked for forgiveness, Hazrat Yusuf (AS) forgave them. We must also be forgiving towards people around us. Allah likes those who are forgiving. Also, we must never lose hope in Allah’s mercy. When Allah could forgive the brothers of Hazrat Yusuf (AS) and honor them with prophethood, then there is hope for all of us. We must sincerely plead to Allah to guide us to the Straight Path and beg for his mercy. For Allah is all-forgiving and the most Merciful.

Conclusion: –

The story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) as told in the Holy Quran is a beam of guidance, hope, and salvation. We must recite it when we feel depressed or hopeless.

FAQs: –

What is the story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)?

The story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) tells us how he overcame problems such as betrayal, slander, imprisonment, and slavery with his righteousness and steadfastness.

How did Prophet Yusuf (AS) display forgiveness?

When Prophet Yusuf (AS) confronted his brothers and asked them how they left little Yusuf alone in the well, they pleaded with him and begged for forgiveness. Hazrat Yusuf (AS) showed mercy towards them and forgave them.

What lessons can we learn from Prophet Yusuf’s forgiveness?

We must also try to be forgiving towards people. When we forgive people, Allah forgives us.

How can forgiveness impact our lives?

By being forgiving, we not only do good to others, but to ourselves too. When a person holds a grudge against others, his heart is always full of hatred. Such a person attracts negative vibes and becomes a slave of Shetaan. On the other hand, the virtue of forgiveness makes a person content at heart. Such a person leads a peaceful life.

How can we practice forgiveness in our daily lives?

It is a custom to seek forgiveness from others before they go for Umrah and Hajj. Similarly, we must forgive others before we present ourselves to Allah. We can practice forgiveness by being merciful toward people around us. Even if someone does wrong to us, we may maintain distance, but we must not hold any grudge against them.

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