Simple Ways to maintain Good Habits after Ramadan
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Simple Ways to maintain Good Habits after Ramadan

Aliyah was living the Ramadan moments to the fullest. The life seems to be in its most balanced and productive mode where, she gets enough time to pray, recite Quran and do dhikr; on the other hand, her job, home, and kids routine were going in the full swing. She was controlling her temper while dealing with her kids and trying to be more patient. Early morning sahoor helped her to give time to every important aspect and iftar became a healthy family time.

maintain good habits after ramadan

The drive and motivation of this blessed month kept it all in poise. After the 17th iftar, she just got the thought of would this be going to fade out after Ramadan? She got worried about losing the best routine of the year.

We all know that it took about 3 weeks to develop a good habit. But in the absence of the drive of this obligatory prayer, many of us lose the good habits. Nonetheless, we all slip up for the rest of the year, there a few things we can do to maintain the good habits developed during Ramadan.

Keep the Sahoor alarm there

Obviously, the morning decides how your rest of the day will go. So, after eid doesn’t switch off the sahoor alarm. It will give some drive to wake up at the same time, pray tahajud, and use the extra hours to complete off the routine work.

Stay minimalistic during the day

Even you are not fasting, keep those habits of less talking, more working, less eating and being patient. Remember that Ramadan is a grooming program designed by Allah to bring out the real humanity and productivity within HIS believers.

Make fasting a habit

If you want to maintain the levels of your good habits after Ramadan, then it’s better to make it a part of your daily routine. Fasting on Mondays and Thursdays is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ; so you can observe fasting and maintain this good habit by next Ramadan and help boost the additional advantages throughout the year.

Make a weekly personal analysis

Take an hour or a half out to compare your Ramadan deeds with daily ones. Evaluate whether you are doing enough charity as you did in Ramadan? Are you keeping a hold on your tongue? Do you avoid conflicts and forgiving more often just like you’ve been while you fast? Did you fear Allah’s presence like you did back then? Answer to yourself these 4 questions every week to analyze yourself. If you’re getting low on these levels, don’t get dismayed; instead, revive yourself by observing fast the very next day. It’ll keep you on track.

Get help from a close one

Either it’s your spouse, bestie, mother or father or any closed sibling; take them on board for this task. Let them join you to offer on-time prayers, sahoor and iftar for Nafl fasts, and discuss the daily ayah of Quran you recite. It will not only encourage you to keep up with your target but also strengthen your relationship with them.


It’s almost half of the month passed, and we all are trying to gather the most out of these divine moments. I hope we’ll keep our spirits high for the whole year and become exactly what Allah ﷻ want us to be. May Allah ﷻ help us to become HIS favorite believers (Ameen).

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