8 reasons why Saudi allow vaccinated foreigners for Umrah in covid 19
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Saudi allow vaccinated foreigners for Umrah

The worst thing that Muslims witnessed during the early days of the pandemic was deserted Holy Kabah and Masjid-e-Nabavi. When the Saudi Arabian authorities announced that they will allow foreigners for Umrah, waves of joy spread across the entire Muslim world. Now you can get your Umrah packages and offer pilgrimage to Holy Kabah. Here are reasons why Saudi allowed vaccinated foreigners for Umrah in covid 19.

  1. Pilgrimage is one of the most sacred forms of worship: –

Hajj and Umrah are some of the most beloved forms of worship for Allah. It is one of the best ways to refresh one’s faith and uplift the spirits. Nothing feels better than being the guest at the house of Allah. Covid 19 deprived the Muslims of this feeling. Hence Saudi government’s top priority has been to revive the felicity at the Holy Kabah by resuming entry of vaccinated foreigners for Umrah.

  1. Nation-wide vaccination program in Saudi Arabia: –

During Hajj 2020, only a thousand pilgrims were allowed to perform sacred worship. However, as 2021 progressed and a nationwide vaccination program took place in the Kingdom, as many as 60,000 residents were allowed to perform Hajj. Hopefully, next year would be the time for foreigners to get their Hajj package and perform the worship as Saudi is gradually increasing the number of pilgrims.

  1. Necessary steps are undertaken to protect pilgrims against the virus: –

Saudi Arabian government is the custodian of the holy places in the land. They diligently perform their duty to ensure worship in these places. Consequently, they devised policies and strategies to tackle the global issue of covid 19 which has caused major setbacks across the globe. The authorities have devised a comprehensive system to ensure all the pilgrims are safe from the deadly virus. The latest Hajj package and Umrah packages shall include all such requirements foreigners for Umrah must abide by.

  1. Umrah is one of the key sources of revenue in Saudi Arabia: –

Umrah is one of the biggest sources of revenue for the country. People come to perform Umrah all year round. Especially during Ramadan, the festivities are paramount. Hundreds and thousands of locals, as well as ex-pats, derive their income from Umrah packages. The hotel industry, restaurants, and food business, small-scale industries selling goods like souvenirs, tourism, and many other sectors have suffered a lot due to the pandemic. With Umrah’s latest news today 2021, everyone is relieved and feeling happy that the blessings of Umrah are returning.

  1. The country has a long-term vision to boost tourism and trade: –

The deep plunge in oil prices during the first covid wave made oil-exporting countries realize that they should not merely depend on oil for running their economies. Not just foreigners for Umrah, Saudi Arabia also aim to boost international tourism and trade. However, vaccination accepted in Saudi Arabia is a primary condition that foreigners must fulfill to enter the country. Covid 19 vaccine allowed in Saudi Arabia is as follows: –

  • Pfizer-BioNTech (2 doses)
  • Oxford-AstraZeneca (2 doses)
  • Moderna (2 doses)
  • Jansen (single dose)
  • Complete doses of Chinese vaccination along with a booster shot of any of the above-mentioned vaccines.

Visit visa holders covid vaccine in Saudi Arabia is also same as above. Saudi tourist visa covid restrictions and rules are also the same as those for Umrah applicants.

  1. Global vaccination program instilled confidence to manage such congregational worship: –

Not just in Saudi Arabia but across many countries vaccination program is being carried on as a top priority. This is one of the major reasons why life is gradually resuming back to normal. If you have gotten a covid vaccine acceptable in Saudi Arabia you can enter the country provided you fulfill all the other conditions. Umrah is such a congregational prayer where people are close by each other. Therefore it is important to assess how far global vaccination is being carried on before exposing people to the potential threat by reliving the temporary ban on Umrah.

  1. Muslims all over the globe are eager to perform Umrah: –

Muslims from other countries were deeply saddened and aggrieved because of the temporary ban on Umrah. Every Muslim wishes dearly to visit the house of Allah. Not only is Umrah a soothing form of worship, but Umrah packages and tour operators across the Muslim world also earn their income through congregational prayer. Now that foreigners for Umrah are allowed, the tour operators must comprehensively understand the new rules and regulations before sending the pilgrims. Especially they must ensure that the pilgrims get the covid vaccine allowed in Saudi Arabia to get their Umrah application accepted.

  1. To seek the pleasure of Allah and protect against the pandemic: –

Muslims believe that they must offer congregational prayers to seek Allah’s approval when faced with a disaster or calamity. Covid 19 is one of the worst calamities mankind has ever faced. Allowing foreigners for Umrah shall increase the number of worshippers so that Muslims please Allah and pray to Him to make things better.

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