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Rights of Neighbors in Islam

Islam lays great stress on the rights of neighbors. Islam lays great stress on doing well in society. There is as much focus on social well being in Islam as it is on individual well being. Not just your next-door neighbor, but Islam teaches you to be supportive and caring towards the whole community. This promotes unity and brotherhood amongst society. Such societies grow into successful and progressive nations. Allah stresses at many places in the Holy Quran to take care of neighbors. Here are some of the rights of neighbors in Islam: –

Help your neighbors in need

  • Help your neighbors in need

If your neighbor is in trouble and requires assistance help him, without any hesitation, as much as you as can. Sometimes there are emergencies such as rushing to the hospital or reaching somewhere urgently. In such conditions, the first person who comes to mind is your neighbor. So be caring towards your neighbor and help them whenever they need your help. Even if your neighbor requires financial assistance, help him if it possible for you. If any of your neighbors have been struck by a calamity be it health-related, financial or social, the whole of the community must get together to support such a family. Likewise, if a family has newly shifted in your neighborhood, you must offer assistance to them in settling in their new house.

  • Do not cause discomfort to your neighbors

Some people have a habit of throwing trash outside their house but at a safe distance from their home’s entrance. Or they might reconstruct their walls at a higher elevation to protect their home. However, in doing so, they cause a lot of discomfort to their neighbors. It is unethical socially as well as from the Islamic perspective to cause disturbance to your neighbors. Similarly, if there is some celebration going on in your home you must be careful not to make noise to the extent that your neighbors are disturbed.

  • Do not harass your neighbor

Sometimes it happens that in a community a family belonging to some other, caste, creed or religion lives. It is absolutely wrong to make them feel alienated or different from the rest of the neighborhood. Rather, they must be treated equally with respect and honor. If any of your neighbors have had a troubled past or committed a sin however he is regretful about it, then you do not have any right to remind him of his previous sins. Allah loves those of his men who hide the sins of other people. Rather, you must make such a person feel comfortable and as much part of the community as you are. You must stand by your neighbor and support him. Allah will immensely reward you for your positive gesture.

  • Participate in burial arrangements in your neighborhood

If someone in your neighborhood passes away, Allah orders to take active participation in burial arrangements. Neighbors must be amongst the first ones to console and come to comfort such a grief-stricken family.

  • Be genuinely happy for your neighbor’s accomplishments

In today’s world, people are so engrossed in competing with each other that they have forgotten that real happiness and contentment lies in being happy and supportive of each other. If your neighbor comes to you to share the good news, be genuinely happy for him. Congratulate him and make him feel good about his achievement.

Allah emphasized the rights of neighbors through angel Jibrael so much that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wondered if they have the right to inheritance as well. Hence be respectful and courteous towards your neighbors to please Allah. Allah will bless you immensely in this world and hereafter.

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