Preparaing For Eid Ul Adha Celebrations
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Preparaing For Eid Ul Adha Celebrations

The Muslims around the world celebrate two religiously festive holidays every year as ordered by Allah. Just after a month and ten days past Eid ul Fitr, Muslims celebrate Eid ul Adha following the obligatory sacrifice in their traditional ways. Eid ul Adha is all about Prophet Ibrahim and His pious son Prophet Ismail. This father and son duo is amongst Allah’s favorite humans. Our Lord ﷻ  love Ibrahim AS so much that He’s called Khalil Ullah in Quran. The Hajj and sacrifice of cattle –both these religious rituals are performed to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim AS.


Well, as this biggest Muslim festival is right around the corner, we bring some celebration ideas that’ll help you in having the most out of your Eid festivities and less pre festive hassles.

Plan Everything

Since the preparations of Eid ul Adha starts by purchasing sheep, goats, and cows which is, of course, get expensive as the day came nearer; so its better to plan and save money at least 6 to 12 months before the Eid, depending on your finances.

Sacrifice is for Allah –don’t be showy

Just remember that it is your intention that is going to be accepted by Allah, so don’t go for the showy, heavy and expensive animal. Rather than buy a healthy but reasonable one and take good care of it till the slaughter. Its good to buy the animal earlier as the price is cheaper then later, but only if you have proper space for them to keep them. Since its hard to maintain the animal’s requisites in urban areas, also the feed and cleaning expense are unavoidable, so keep it in mind. The animal should be properly taken care of, take proper care of the needs of your sacrificial animal.

The Ready-to-feast Kitchen

Just as the moon of Zil Haj sighted, you’ll have 10 days to get prepared for Eid, so it’s better to plan a cleaning schedule and start with the kitchen and pantry. It will take maximum a week to deep cleanse your house and kitchen. After which make a list of the grocery for the Eid menu. Stock up all the spices you’ll need for cooking sacrificial meat. Buy storage bags, wraps or disposable trays of kilo and half kilo tendency for packing and distributing the meat.


No festival is complete without shopping either its dresses, shoes, home décor, kitchen items, groceries and many more. It’s good to make a list of everything you’ll need and shop before the festive hype as the prices would get higher and it’ll cost you almost double on everything. Here is a shopping hack for Eid ul Adha –do dress and wearable shopping when you are purchasing for Eid ul Fitr and that also before Ramadan. This way, you’ll be relaxed from this department and free to have enough time to spend with your sacrificial animal.

Elevate Your Spiritual Stature

From the 1st of Zilhajj, the sacred moments of this festive season are not only for enjoying and shopping but also holds great importance in terms of prayers. Reciting takbeerat after every salat is a must.

Just as the Hajj rituals start off, those who are not performing Economy hajj could pray extra nawafils and recite more Quran in the scared nights.

With these easy and simple celebration ideas, you can fetch more delightful moments of your Eid as well as gain many spiritual advantages from the Hajj days. May Allah accept our sacrifices and give us chance to serve poor and needy on this Eid.

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