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Hajj of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Hajj of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Belief in the Prophet Muhammad PBUH as the last Prophet of Islam is important for every Muslim follower. An important life event of Allah’s Messenger PBUH is his journey of Hajj. He PBUHperformed Hajj 10 years after he migrated from Makkah to Madinah. This Hajj was known as the Hajj … Continue reading “Hajj of Prophet Muhammad PBUH –A Guideline for the Ummah from their Beloved Messenger ﷺ”

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Fasting During Ramadan

Fasting During Ramadan, Allah the Almighty has termed the holy month of Ramadan as His month, during which his countless mercy, blessings, forgiveness, and kindness know no bounds. Ramadan is the month which is anxiously being awaited by the Muslim Ummah so as to take advantage of his benevolence and infinite generosity to become pious … Continue reading “5 Amazing Health Effects of Fasting During Ramadan”

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