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What Is A Mosque or Masjid In Islam?

A Masjid is a place where Muslims worship Allah.

Just as worshipping holds a special rank in Islam so there had to be a place that also holds a special place for worshipping. This is not something new but the Muslims have been long praying and worshipping in places called Mosque or Masjid and asking refuge from Allah. Since the ancient times, mosques were built in towns and communities and were visited by Muslims for worshipping. Now, Masjid is found in every corner of the street in the Muslim countries. There are some mosques in the West that facilitate with Islamic teachings for the visitors too.

Origination of the word “Masjid”

The word mosque comes from a French word “mousquaie”. Thus, we come to know that the translation of the Arabic word “masjid”.

Common Mosque Features

The mosques you will come to see will be in various sizes and will have a tremendous amount of dimensions you will be amazed to see. The architecture of some mosques is jaw-dropping. The Masjids of the past were created specially by hiring architects and artisans in order to create magnificent and beautifying mosques. Some common famous mosques of the world include the famous Masjid Al Nabwi, Masjid Al Haram, Masjid Al Aqsa, and several other famous masjids around the globe.

Every mosque has got a Minbar or a pulpit on which the Islamic scholar delivers his speech to the listeners. Other features of the mosques include in things like minarets that are the tall towers used to call for prayer. The Minarets are tall and prominent in the entire structure of the mosque.

Concept of mosques for men and women

Masjids are the places of worship for the Muslim people. But these Muslims include in men and women both. The question that arises here is that whether both can enter the same mosque or are there separate mosques for each gender? Praying in the masjid for men is much more rewarding than at home. Whereas, for women, it is advised to pray at home rather than going to a mosque as it is more rewarding.

As you know that the literal meaning of a mosque or masjid in Islam is a place of prostration. This is derived from the Arabic word “sajada” that means to prostrate. When the forehead of a Muslim touches the ground, he becomes closer to Allah. Prostration of a Muslim shows the complete submission to Allah Almighty.

The Social Hub for Muslim Affairs

The genuine purpose of the mosque is to pray collectively the five prayers in order to complete the Islamic obligation. But also, there is a social reason of the mosque. Muslims came closer five times a day to each other, get to know about the locality, and thus form a bond between them.

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