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The Spirit of Marriage in Islam

Nikah: A Divine Institution

The concept of marriage in Muslims is implemented through the sacred institution of Nikah. The literal meaning of word Nikah is Aqad (contract), but the usability of this term is specified for the wedlock in Muslim society. In Quran, this term is used to describe the coming to gather of various aspects of creation. For instance, the verse with interpretation as “the rain married the soil” exquisitely represents the intermingling of two different creations. That results in opening the doors to new life, new inventions and new potentials. In this case, the new creations are flowers and herbs. Same applies when it describes the contract between to humans of opposite gender having different characteristics, but striving to complement each other.

Marriage in Islam

Spirit: The sole of every act

According to the teachings of Islam reached us through Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the most important aspect of every act of worship is the spirits in which that action is conducted. Be it a prayer or fast or sadaqah, the output to effort induced to carry out the Islamic practice is solely dependent on the spirit and true intentions. So it is essential to understand the spirit and real purpose of every act of worship to get the best possible result. Nikah is no exception in such case.

importance of marriage in islam

A Mutual Relationship

Nikah is the bond divinely established for welfare and upkeep of an Islamic society. The Quran obligates both men and women to fulfill their social responsibilities by developing themselves morally and spiritually. Also to attain tranquility and make your family an abode of peace, the obligation is laid upon both men and women to fulfill respective rights and responsibilities.

importance of marriage in life

Completion of Imaan

Allah (s.w.t) endorsed the institution of Nikah and emphasized on the need of such legal and blessed interaction between the two genders. The first and foremost aim is to complete one’s Imaan and complement each other in all aspects, as mentioned in Surah A’araaf:

Like a Garment

At another place, husband and wife are declared garments of each other, which symbolize the true spirit of the Islamic wedlock or Aqad e Nikah.

islamic marriage rules

The garment protects a body along with concealing it. The Same analogy is used in verse. Husband and wife safeguard each other’s Imaan (belief) and help each other out to pave the way towards Jannah (Heaven) in the afterlife, which is the ultimate goal for each and every Muslim in the worldly life.

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