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Major beliefs and teachings of Islam

Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world. Allah sent religion Islam as a blessing and code of life for mankind. The basic beliefs of Islam are of the oneness of God and the finality of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Quran is revealed on Prophet (SAW) and is the final and complete guidance of mankind. It is obligatory on all Muslims to follow teachings of Quran and a footstep of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Islam covers every aspect of life from the system of governance to the social system. There are five articles of faith in Islam.

  1. Belief in Allah:

All Muslims believe that God is alone and has no equal. He has no children, partner or parents. No one is superior and equal to him nor are there any lesser Gods. No one created Allah swt and he is the creator of the universe and he has no gender. Allah can’t be heard, felt and seen. He has knowledge of each and everything and He has authority to do everything he wants. He punishes and rewards justly and is merciful and bestower. Allah’s most beloved being is Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He sent many prophets for the guidance of mankind. Allah rules everything and he is the ruler of His kingdom.

  1. Belief in Prophets and Sunnah:

The Arabic word used for Prophet is Anbiya. Allah swt communicated orders and commands through His Prophets. All the Prophets had one concept in common i.e. Oneness of Allah swt. They were sent to different nations and were duty bound to communicate Allah’s religion and commands to common people and teach them. Islam was the final religion revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The believer’s faith is incomplete if he has no concept of finality of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

  1. Belief in revealed Books:

Allah SWT revealed His commands in the forms of books. These books were revealed on Prophet Daud, Prophet Musa, Prophet Essa and Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Zabur was revealed on Prophet Daud, Tawrat on Prophet Musa, Injil on Prophet Essa and Holy Quran on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Holy Quran is the final message of Allah SWT.

  1. Belief in Angels:

Being a Muslim we all believe that Allah swt sent Angels to Prophets for communicating His commandments. Angel Gabriel was sent by Allah swt to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and he communicated the verses of Quran to Prophet (SAW).

  1. Belief in Akhirah:

As a Muslims, we all believe on the Day of Judgment. We believe that everyone will be raised from the dead. Allah swt will judge every single human being justly and reward or punishment will be given. Reward in akhirah will be heaven and punishment for the wrongdoers will be hell.

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