Key Elements of True Worship Allah in Spirit and Truth
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Key Elements of True Worship Allah in Spirit and Truth

“And Those Who Does Not Judge by What Allah Has Revealed, Such Are the Disbelievers”

Worship Allah

Islam is a religion of true faith and believes, as none of the believers, except Mohammad (S.A.W), has ever talked to Allah or had even seen a slight vision of Allah. The above reference of Quran tells us about His oneness in creation, which has solely created the entire universe.

When a Muslim realizes the fact that Allah is in command of all that is in Heavens and on Earth. They will not seek help from people who claim themselves as a god. Through the realization of the fact that Allah is beyond human comprehension. Muslims will not waste time in shaping the perception of his existence and his physical attributes. Rather they would utilize their time in worshipping Him.

Worship Allah

When a Muslim firmly believes that Allah is All-Knowing and well aware of each and every step He takes and every secret in his heart, the person will not commit worldly sins like robbery, theft, bribery or sins in loneliness or darkness. This will purify his heart, spirit and moral. He will also become fair in dealings with people.

Many surahs in the Quran forces a Muslim away from Shirk which is labelled as an unforgivable sin in Islam and there is no way for a person to avoid Hellfire after committing this heinous crime.

A Muslim must realize the fact Allah must be worshipped not because it is beneficial for Allah, but because worshipping will benefit the believers as a whole. His main element of worshipping Allah must lie in the fact that Allah is the only One who will provide with forgiveness and everything one desires to achieve in this world.

The main source of having a believer in contacting Allah is performing Prayers. The key elements of an accepted salah are the following:

  • Ablution of purification
  • Qibla, facing in the direction of Kaaba
  • The clean surface upon which to pray, clean clothes/body
  • Niya, Intention to fulfill the prayers in the obedience of Allah’s command
  • Timings
  • Satar (covering the body parts, men must cover at least from naval till knees and women must cover the whole body except the face, hands, and feet)

Believe in Oneness of Allah

Believe in Oneness of Allah

Nowadays, Muslims are not aware of the fact that Tauheed (Believe in Oneness of Allah) plays a very important in developing a strong faith in Islam. A true worshipper must have the cleanliness of niyyat, and must perform Holy actions to please Allah of His existence and to prove oneself as a true Muslim in this world.

Faith in Allah

This fact must be emphasized upon in today world as Muslims are now standing against each other for the fact that their worshipping actions differ from others, ignoring the fact that the main element is to establish a firm faith in Allah.

For example, there are many sects arising with just a difference in worldly actions. Some say that we must fold our hands below our navel, while some criticize that we must fold our hand on our chest while performing Nawaz. Whereas the main emphasizing point must lie in the fact that a believer must perform prayers in order to ask for forgiveness and worship Allah of the world’s i.e. Allah (S.W.T).

Ways of Worship Allah

To provide you with a clear point of view, I would like to ask you. would you like to fight for Islam or criticize the Muslims with a different way of worshiping Allah? I believe that Muslims must have a firm believer of the existence of worship Allah with a true heart and soul.

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