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Importance of Family in Islam

The significance of a family system is extremely necessary to exist in a home as it is the basic unit of society. The foundation of a family is a happy and peaceful life. This foundation is especially needed in our advanced civilization.

Islam as a religion in one takes one closer to Allah Almighty and automatically creates an atmosphere that is healthy to live in. There is no religion that can be considered complete unless each person in the family takes their responsibilities seriously. The family is considered the most important thing in society and this knot creates a strong relationship between people and this makes them ready to do anything to protect their family.

The Islamic Concept of a Family

Islam takes the family as a divine institution with marriage as its nucleus. A human being is born with a father and a mother to protect the being and bring it up. When this child grows up, it understands the importance of life and then is joined by a person to expand his family. The people who collectively build up the pillars of the family or husband, wife, and the children. These people came under relations like parents and siblings.

In Surah Nisa Ayah 1, Allah says;

The Concept of Muslim Family

1 Cultivating Islamic Values. The main focus of a Muslim family unit is cultivating Islamic values in their line. A family that begins with the sacred agreement of nikah, where a man and woman agrees to stay together for the sake of Allah will eventually come under the blessings of the Almighty ﷻ. Similarly, when their family extends, the upbringing and training of kids would be done on Islamic scale. The family values should be based purely on Islamic teachings. Either they are personal habits, dressing, food manners, relationships or etiquettes –every single detail of a family’s lifestyle should be set according to the Quran and Sunnah.

2 Fulfilling Complete Rights of Family Members. Islam gives a full set of rights and responsibilities to every member of the family. Either it’s the couple, parents, kids or siblings, every person has their own rights and responsibilities. There is a complete detail of the rights of all family members in the Quran. Husband and wife or parents and kids –Quran has given complete guidelines for treating the relations.

3 Meeting Family Needs with Halal Earnings. When it comes to the finances, women, kids and old members are the responsibility of the man of the house, while the women of the family are responsible to take care of household and kids. But all of these should be done on mutual understanding –and without overburdening any person.


Islam is known as the final and foremost religion in the world. A person who does not recognize the importance of Islam will not be able to accept the balance it maintains between the body and the spirit, helps mankind to take things seriously in this world and in the world hereafter. Islam is the only guidance that removes darkness and fills brightness in the highway of human life. Islam provides equal rights for all mankind.

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