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Hijama The Super Sunnah that will make you Uber Healthy

The Super Sunnah that will make you Uber Healthy

Lately,Hijama  is picking up prevalence at an exceptionally fast pace. That is because there are exceptional benefits and advantages hidden in this therapy. It is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and this fact is enough for Muslims to take after devotedly and passionately. Secondly, people around the world are becoming more aware of the long haul side effects of pharmaceuticals and medications that have constrained individuals to search for different approaches to treating sickness.

How does Hijama work?

Let’s discuss how this miraculous therapy works.

Toxins, cell debris, and impurities are discharged by drawing stagnant and dormant blood from specific points on the body.

It is done by developing negative pressure all the way through cups. Shallow cuts are also applied on the surface of the skin. It is known as wet cupping.

The toxins in blood get discharged releasing the undesirable pressure from these points.

The body gets a complete internal detoxification treatment and generates Healthy, fresh and clean blood while reducing excessive pressure from the organs.


Significance from Hadith

The act of Hijama  was embraced by our dear Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. On the night of Israa when He PBUH traveled to skies, the angels said to our Prophet ﷺ:

“O Muhammad ﷺ, Order your people to do Hijama  (cupping).” –Sunan Tirmidhi

In another hadith reported by Abu Huraira RZ, Allah’s Apostle stated; “If there is an excellent remedy to be used –then it Hijama  (cupping)”. –Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud.

We get the evidence from numerous instances that Hijama  was practiced by our dearest Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The fact that it is a Sunnah act and ought to be done on a regular basis make sets our brains to relax and creates a sentiment of spiritual prosperity and blissfulness.

4 afflictions get cured from Hijama  According to Hadith

Cures Headaches & Migraines

This ancient treatment is exceptionally useful in treating migraines and headaches. According to one narration:

“Whenever someone came to the Messenger of Allah with complain of headache, He would be advised to perform Hijama  (cupping)”. –Abu Dawud

Reduces Poison Effect

Hijama  is an amazing treatment that alleviates the poison effects from the body. A Jewish woman tried to poison our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH by sending him poisoned meat. Our Prophet ﷺ felt pain after eating the meat, so he performed Hijama .


Relieves Joint pains and Backaches

Hijama  is used for relieving pain from joint pains, muscle spasms, arthritis pains and lower backaches. Our Prophet PBUH himself used cupping when his foot got dislocated. According to one narration:

Reported by Jabir Ibn Abdullah that the Messenger fell from his horse over the trunk of a palm tree and his foot got disjointed. The Messenger PBUH was cupped on his afterwards.” –Ibn Majah

The Super Sunnah Healthy

Heals Stomach Diseases

Hijama  therapy has frequently been used in treating bowel and stomach diseases for example diarrhea, water retention, stomach pains, loss of appetite, acute gastritis and gastrointestinal diseases.

End Note

Hijama  is imperative for a healthy lifestyle. For a complete treatment of any disease, this therapy must regularly be applied and must not be done one time only.

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