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How US Muslims can spend December Holiday Season more effectively

US Muslims can spend December Holiday Season

December Holiday, The biggest problem with holidays is that we wait so long for them and when they finally come we have no idea how to make use of them. The holiday season is usually spent eating, watching useless TV, complaining that there is nothing to do and sleeping. These habits just need to stop. As Muslims, every single minute in the world is valuable to us. According to a saying, Time is like a sword, if you don’t cut with it will cut you. So lets us explore effective and productive ways to spend this holiday season.

December Holiday

Switch off the TV

In December Holiday, Get rid of all TV series, reality shows, and even internet. Some people utilize this tool for relaxation rather it drains you. It sucks out all your energy, intellect, ideas and imagination. So just turn off the TV and use that time reading some interesting books that would feed your brain. Google some exceptional Islamic literature and books to go through this holidays. You can read it with your kids as well.

Organize your Days

Make a To-Do list for yourselves and your children organize it into a timetable and then stick to it. We all complain that there is no barakah left in time. Imam Ghazali gives a secret to preserving time by saying organize and timetable the hours of your day.

Do planning and write it on diaries and use sticky notes. Make use of reminders in your cell phone. Start organizing this holiday and keep it practicing for the rest of the year.

Wake up Early

There is a misconception amongst teenagers that in holiday one must wake up late which is futile and vain. Muslims need to utilize every single day in a useful and productive way and most importantly worth looking at on the day of Qiyamah. To utilize the day efficiently sleep early and have 8 hours of quality sleep time.  Wake up early, hear the birds, feel the morning freshness and have a good breakfast. It will have a huge impact on the productivity of the day.

Choose Experiences over Material Things

Instead of buying things, going shopping or going out to eat, have real experiences. Do things with you family and friends. Take kids to museums, art galleries, science festivals and even to a library to make them read a book in a nice and comfortable environment.

Reassess how you have spent time

Always do Muhasiba at the end of the day, week and month. This is a Sunnah of the pious and successful people.  Always think about making tomorrow better than today. Seek Allah’s forgiveness for the time you have wasted.

Spend Vacations on a Religious Trip

We surely didn’t get plenty of vacations to go for a trip then why don’t spend these December vacations more productively and set off on a religious trip like Umrah? Grab the most popular December Umrah Package by I Link tours and avail your holidays more productively in the form a spiritual trip of Umrah.

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