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Quran –the last and most authentic way to approach Allah ﷻ message, the true guide to lead a successful life and achieve Jannah in hereafter. The believers take the Holy Quran as a divine gift from Allah and an incredible support to mankind. Reciting of this Heavenly book comes with multiple benefits. Here are some … Continue reading “Revive your Faith and Soul by Reciting the Holy Quran”

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Seeking the Blessings through Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Traces

Seeking and Blessings Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Blessings Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – the noblest and best man who ever walked on Earth, the whole Ummah follows his Sunnah as Allah ﷻ rewards the persons who follow His messenger’s actions. Every Muslim considers it as a key to Jannah. Not only his intellectual thinking but his physical … Continue reading “Seeking the Blessings through Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Traces”

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