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5 Tips for Creating Ideal Islamic Environment

The world is modernizing and people are being distant from Islamic values and teachings. In this modern era, the only way to revive and revitalize our Islamic teachings is to create an environment at our home to pursue our life as a good Muslim. Following are some tips to create an Islamic environment at home:

Encourage Islamic educational Gathering

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It is narrated that when people gather at a place and they exchange some Islamic knowledge, angels send blessings to them.

Minimum fifteen-minute edification by reading from some books of famous and authentic scholars can not only create a habit of listening to the Quran but also increase our knowledge. As it is said that, you become what you read hence by reading religious books our personality may start to reflect those qualities and make us a better Muslim than we are at the moment.

Maintain a Prayer Room

If you have any extra room in your home, then make it a special prayer room, where all your family members can gather and offer salat 5 times a day. This won’t only be helpful in creating a religious environment but also, whenever your children will find you offering prayers, they will eventually feel motivated to pray for prayer. Praying prayer collectively will create a sense of discipline and the whole family will get the blessings.

Prayer Alarms

Most people don’t offer prayer on its time. Hence, a prayer alarm can be a really helpful tool for improving our prayer timings. Even many applications are available on Android and smartphones for prayer alarms. Setting alarms for each prayer, especially Fajar will help you so that none of your prayers is missed.

Read and Discuss Stories from the Holy Quran

Daily discussion about one story of Holy Prophet ﷺ or his companions which is giving a moral lesson can be very beneficial. By listening to them, we can develop our character and try to be like them. By reading one story a day, learning about their way of living can improve our way also.

Following Sunnah on Daily Basis

The Sunnah of our Holy Prophet ﷺ is really simple and inspiring, simple supplications for everything we do from eating food to traveling, every sunnah brings blessings in our daily activities. Following these Sunnahs can create a very Islamic environment.


To make our home an ideal Islamic environment, the above-mentioned steps can act as an initiative in creating an Islamic environment that can improve our life and the way we live it.

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