5 Things Which you Probably don’t know about Kaaba
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5 Things Which you Probably don’t know about Kaaba


The Holy Kaaba is the most celebrated and holiest place on Earth for billions of Muslims across the globe. It would not be untrue to say that this place never sleeps, there is no night and day in the home of Allah. Millions circle this sacred house in tawaf 24 hours a day pouring their heart and soul out to their Creator, the most Merciful the most Gracious.

Many facts about Allah’s scared House are well known to everyone as we have been hearing about them since we were young. However, there are many aspects of the mysterious and beautiful place which we do not know of.

It used to be colorful

It sounds unbelievable and hard to imagine that the beautiful and mysterious black Kaaba actually used to be colorful in the past. It is said that it was green, red and white before. However, since the time of Abbasids, it has adopted the black Kiswah cloth which billions of Muslims love and worship.

It used to be open to everyone

Kaaba used to be open to everyone twice a week for prayers. However, due to rapid spread of Islam and millions of pilgrims, this holiest House on Earth is now only open to dignitaries and a handful of chosen guests.

Only one family has the keys to the Kaaba

After the conquest of Mecca, the Holy Prophet (SAW) himself gave the keys of the Allah’s House to Osman ibn Talha (RA) of the BaniShaiba family. This small Meccan family has been the keyholders to the most important place on Earth for Muslims for centuries. Moreover, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had given this family the role of keyholder till the Day of Judgement.  Hence, from the Caliph to Sultan; every powerful man in the world has to seek permission from this family to enter the Holy Qibla.

Identical Kaabas

Exactly above Allah’s house, in the heavens, there is an identical Kaaba where angels offer salah five times a day.

It was supposed to be rectangular in shape

Like the other facts, this fact is also shocking. The beloved cube-shaped Kaaba was meant to be rectangular in shape. The original plans were to include Hijr Ismail also. However, when it was rebuilt in the time of Holy Prophet (SAW), the Quraish promised to use only that income which was attained from Halal means. As no money from gambling, robbery, prostitution and, interest could be used; there was a shortage of funds to build the exact model at the original size.

These facts about the Qibla are not just part of history. They should be well known amongst our children who should pass it to the future generations also. The Kaaba is a sign of unity, equality and heritage for us Muslims and we should not just cherish the structure but its beautiful history as well.

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