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22 Blessings that you can get on Jummah


Friday, the best day of the week, is the day when Allah SWT showers His especial mercies over Muslims. It is the most beneficial day than any other day as rewards are increased on this day.  Muslims gather to offer Jummah prayer and khutbahs are delivered in every mosque on Fridays. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to celebrate this day and declared Friday as weekly eid.

We will describe some blessings that one can get on Fridays as follows:

Countless Blessings

The blessings of Allah SWT granted on Fridays are uncountable one of them being the Jummah prayer.

muslim 1984

Guard against Dajjal

Reading Surah Kahf serves as a protection against evils of Dajjal.

Ibn Hajar, Talkhis al-Habir

Significant of all Days

The importance of this day can be understood through this saying of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Ahmad and At-Tirmidhi

Day of Gathering

Jumuah is derived from the Arabic word Al-Jam that means ‘to gather’. It is obligatory for Muslim men to gather on this day for His worship mentioned in Quran as:

Quran 629

Angels wait for the arrival of people

The angels sit on ways and wait for the Muslims to arrive for Jummah prayer.

Bukhari and Muslim

A special hour of Friday

There is an hour of the day in which all supplications get accepted.

Bukhari and Muslim

Best day for giving Charity

The charity on this day carries more virtue than any other day.


Believers will see Allah SWT

The true believers of Islam will see Allah SWT on Jummah.

Day of Celebration

Friday is the day of Eid for Muslims.

Ibn Majah

Sins are forgiven

On Friday the sins are forgiven of the Muslims.

Al Bukhari

The reward of Fasting of a Year

Muslims who walk to attend Friday sermon get the reward of praying qiyam and fasting for a full year.


Protection from the Trial of Grave

If a Muslim dies on the night or day of Friday he gets protected from the trials of the grave.

At Tirmidhi and Ahmad

Day of sending Durood

There are countless blessings and rewards for those who send Durood on Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Abu Daud

More significant than two eids

Friday is more significant than Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Ad’ha in the sight of Allah SWT.

Ibn Majah

Lustrous Day and Night

Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated the importance of Friday as:


Heat of Hell

The heat of hell will not increase on Fridays.

Ihya ul uloom

Sins of previous week forgiven

The one who will do the following acts will be forgiven sins of a week.


Friday Prayer over Business

Allah SWT prefers Jummah prayer over Business.

Quran 62 9

A Light from Allah SWT

This is rewarded to those who recite Surah Kahaf on Fridays.


Greatest Verse of Quran Revealed

Following verse was revealed on Friday.

Quran 5 3

Excellent Day

Many scholars have a consensus over this:

Ibn Taymiyyah

Majmu ah fatawa

Day of Purification from Sins

I spent with its true spirit, the holy hours of this sacred day can surely help you cleanse off all minor sins in abundance.


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