Some amazing Photos from the Hajj 1953

Some Amazing Photos from the Hajj 1953

Hook a sight of how it was identical to do the Hajj 1953. However this was only impartial above 60 years ago, a ration has altered mostly owing to the rise in the amount of Hajjis going to do the Hajj 1953.

jeddah port 1953

Numerous pilgrims would travel to Makkah via a ferryboat or a boat, in those days profitable air travel was quiet in its initial phases then it was not as extensively obtainable as it is now.

jeddah air port1953

On behalf of those folks who might have enough money, they would board on their trip on panel minor airplanes from close states.

Transport hajj in 1953

Similar now, instructors and automobiles would remain castoff to conveyance Hajjis from place to place.

Muslims only Permitted

Muslims are only permitted to come in the Makkah to do Hajj.

Home and Hotels outside the Masjad Al Haram in 1953

Homes and guesthouses can be gotten external of the holy mosque’s edge. Abundant of these historic houses have consumed to be destroyed to create way for the mosque’s development.

full of activity streets in Makkah in 1953

A full of activity road in Makkah. Old school cars can be seen.

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Masjed Al Haram entrance 1953

One of the door to the Masjid Al Haram in 1953.

Flocks outside the Masjed Al Haram

Some Flocks are praying Outdoor the Mosque’s entering.

Kaaba and Mitaf in 1953

The Ka’ba and the Mataf range. There were no other floorings back then.

Close View Of Kaaba in 1953

A near up sight of the Ka’ba.

Door of kaaba in 1953

Flocks were capable to go into the Ka’ba.

Tawaf in 1953

Execution Tawaf was relaxed as it was not as packed as it is today.

Market place outside the Masjid Al Haram in 1953

stalls outside the Masjid Al Haram in 1953

Horse are used as a transport for small way in 1953

Horse and carriage were castoff as a means of conveyance.

Hajjis Choosing Animal for Qurbani 1953

Hajjis were capable to select the animals they needed for Udhiyyah/Qurbani.

Animals in the market of Makkah during the Hajj 1953

Hajis would retain their stocks with them throughout their Hajj.

Donkeys as transportation in Hajj 1953

Donkeys were castoff to conveyance corpses of sacrificial animals.

Hajjis cocking food in Mina in 1953

In Mina, foodstuff would be baked by fire and cook-top.

Flocks are praying near their camels 1953

Hajjis pray nearby their camels.

shelters near Arafah in 1953

Shelters can be seen slanting in Arafah following to mount Arafah.

Stoning in jamarat in 1953

The Jamarat castoff to be minor pillars which would be drugged symbolizing stoning of the devil.

Pilgrim shaving hair 1953

A hajji has his hair clean.

Pilgrim having cold drink 1953

Hajjis retain themselves cool and cam by drinking icy carbonated drinks.

Photographs courtesy of the National Geographic Magazine





Some Amazing Photos from the Hajj 1953
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Some Amazing Photos from the Hajj 1953
Hook a sight of how it was identical to do the Hajj 1953. However this was only impartial above 60 years ago. there are some Photos from the Hajj 1953.
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