Hajj and Umrah Services Pennsylvania

Hajj and Umrah Services Pennsylvania

Hajj and Umrah Services

In the state of Pennsylvania, the ever growing Muslim population is undeniable. The presence of Muslims can be felt everywhere. In the city of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, some areas go to the far extent of being known as “Muslim Town.” The city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania is Islamic in every perspective, hosting at least 200,000 Muslims. These include both immigrants and African Americans. Mosques and Islamic centers are not a rare finding, providing American Muslims the freedom to practice their religion.

Growing population of Muslims in Pennsylvania

As days go by, the strength of the Muslim community in Pennsylvania has shown an increase. Many are either immigrants or African Americans. The number of mosques to serve worshippers is plentiful in this state. Muslims, especially the youth are driven and motivated to make their voices heard at youth centers. Muslims openly practice their faith with no fear of their identity. Pennsylvania has also hosted several Islamic conferences and business expos in the recent past.

Muslim brothers stand united in Pennsylvania

Believers of Islam in the state of Pennsylvania stand united towards their religion of Islam. All Muslims preach and practice their faith. This includes attending congregational prayers, participating in sermons and joining in on projects for the betterment of all American Muslims. Islamic centers are established for raising awareness of Islam and helping the Muslim community as a whole. Religious diversity is commonly observed in Pennsylvania, where Muslims practice religious tolerance among the different faiths.

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